Beauty Photography: Show Your Best Self

Beauty photography is an art, not a science.

It’s a pure expression of the connection between photographer and model, marrying the portrait photographer’s eye for truth and the fashion photographer’s eye for style.

And not everyone can do it. In fact, few can.

Hair stylists, makeup artists, beauty salons, facial salons, skincare companies, makeup companies… there’s a long list of clients that can benefit from a well-done beauty shoot. We’re set up to provide just that.

The Lens of the Beholder

Beauty photography has some very distinct needs that not everyone can cover. We have the equipment to make sure the images come out perfectly.

When you’re doing a beauty shoot, you want to avoid shadows that can bring out unflattering details of the face. Unless the team is working with a carefully-selected model for a commercial shoot with a specific style in mind, harder light usually isn’t used. The lights we keep on hand allow for the full range, from the softer light that works better with aging or pockmarked skin to the harder light that might come in handy for commercial shoots.

The framing and lighting are both key, and will vary depending on the usage of the final photograph. Our experienced crew will make sure that both are set up perfectly for your shoot. We’ll bring the best of the beauty and glamour of the subject out in a way that fits the medium you’re planning to use the image for.

Beauty From the Best

Whether it’s for personal, professional or commercial use, a beauty photo shoot needs several things to be successful:

  • An experienced eye behind the camera
  • An experienced crew preparing the model
  • An experienced hand for retouching after the shoot

Color Fusion Studio can provide all of this. If you’re experienced and want to bring your own crew, that’s fine too. But we can provide everything you need from start to finish. A great team is better than the sum of all its parts, and with our team, you can rest assured that you’re in some of the safest, most experienced hands in Florida.

Preparation Makes Perfect

Hair, makeup and other needs are key to a successful beauty shoot too, and we’re prepared to set you up for success.

We have our own makeup and hairstyle artists on hand to ready your model for the shoot—or you can bring your own crew, if you have one that you work with already. If you’re near the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area, we can help you get started.

Just call us at (754) 252-3762 or fill out the contact form below and we’ll get started straight away on putting together a package that fits your needs.